Meez Nation

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Meez Nation
2 out of 5 stars
Meez Nation

Product Information :

I wish I could give it no stars this game is horrible bad language,stalkers and more don't get this game unless u want to be stalked and bullied.
I deleted this game after 10 minutes this is horrible and disgusting. If you wanna hang around rude mean snotty poser kids tgen tgis is the game for you but there is no respect in this game.
All it says is "we're sorry, your not eligible to use meez" so don't bother giving them your email and stuff cause it's not going to do anything! SUCH A HORRIBLE GAME!
people are mean and I keep on getting hacked when im being so nice to people and there are inappropriate rooms
When I enter my username and password it always says error 407 so I hate the app and deleted it. >:(
This game is a game for people who want to get cussed or people with no life I got the game for 10 minutes and then deleted it because of all that crap this game is nasty, disrespectful, and is a way to have kids get there feelings hurt I don't like it :/.
The only thing wrong with this app is that it has a lot of dirty rooms in the place don't get off you are under twelve or thirteen I honestly don't like this game not good for me -rylee Spaulding-
Worst virtual world game. If you like conversations with angry young teens, then you have found the right place. In addition, this game is one that will make you use REAL MONEY to purchase any items for your avatars.
No bueno!!
Didn't really like it
Amazon is downloading free apps to my kids HD Fire.
This game dose not let me play
This game is really good plus there are all kinds of out fits to pick and u can have all kinds of dance move! But I don't no how u earn money? Read more
Help add rooms get friends have fun
I enjoy playing it it is awesome just watch out for stalkers if you want you can add me I'm acdc123fox :)thx and plz get this app
It's stupid because u need the right device to play you can't play it on a kindle fire or phone not even a iPad it's sucks because you have to get on a computer and do it all over... Read more
Its ok fun and sometimes boring if you want it get it it's not to bad it's a good game a bit scary how they look and stuff but a good game get it it's not perfect but fun
Not much people take the game well because your new just letting you know so if ya want people bothering you cuz you knew don't come on this game is so just dress cute and not care... Read more
DO NOT BUY THIS. All it say is that username is taken and if u get a username, you just get cyberbullyed and caused at. If I could rate this zero it would be zero. Read more