Meez Nation

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Meez Nation
2 out of 5 stars
Meez Nation

Product Information :

Do not get this app I got this app yesterday and every time I enter my password it says forgot your password
people are mean and I keep on getting hacked when im being so nice to people and there are inappropriate rooms
I deleted this game after 10 minutes this is horrible and disgusting. If you wanna hang around rude mean snotty poser kids tgen tgis is the game for you but there is no respect in this game.
Bad language and bad rooms and bad talk bad people my cousin was playing this on my I pad so mad for every one
Worst virtual world game. If you like conversations with angry young teens, then you have found the right place. In addition, this game is one that will make you use REAL MONEY to purchase any items for your avatars.
No bueno!!
When I enter my username and password it always says error 407 so I hate the app and deleted it. >:(
The only thing wrong with this app is that it has a lot of dirty rooms in the place don't get off you are under twelve or thirteen I honestly don't like this game not good for me -rylee Spaulding-
If you like dirty horrible and disgusting language and behavior, this is the game for you I would give it a zero but I cannot. Good luck with thinking that this is a kid game!
This game will not let me play in rooms and I will not give up because I put money in my account I will Sue this game and it's crater if it doesn't let me go in to rooms
I'm not sure what the purpose of this app is...
I love this game. It gives you the Oppertunity to meet new people. But theres one reason i dont like it. They start you off with 3000 coins and thats it! Read more
I'm giving this game 1 star because 1 there is inappropriate rooms 2 ppl are rude on that game 3 people kick you out when you are not being naughty or are being nice this game... Read more
I don't like it that much because it allows a lot of swaring and people get kicked from rooms and people hog the dj
I like it because you can talk to people and make friends,have brothers and sister it is awesome I love this site
My opinion is that it is a good app to use if you are bored an have no stuff do and I at all.
Im very disappointed because i made a room on my computer awhile ago and just tried making one on my kindle. Read more
I love meez I suggest getting this game because you can meet me at -_-_fray-_-_, i_am_a_pickle, -_-fray-_-, kate_graceffa. Read more
I love this app.