Meez Nation

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Meez Nation
2 out of 5 stars
Meez Nation

Product Information :

I wish I could give it no stars this game is horrible bad language,stalkers and more don't get this game unless u want to be stalked and bullied.
I deleted this game after 10 minutes this is horrible and disgusting. If you wanna hang around rude mean snotty poser kids tgen tgis is the game for you but there is no respect in this game.
All it says is "we're sorry, your not eligible to use meez" so don't bother giving them your email and stuff cause it's not going to do anything! SUCH A HORRIBLE GAME!
people are mean and I keep on getting hacked when im being so nice to people and there are inappropriate rooms
the people who ever made this sucks they put nasty stuff and when I played it it sucked
When I enter my username and password it always says error 407 so I hate the app and deleted it. >:(
This game is a game for people who want to get cussed or people with no life I got the game for 10 minutes and then deleted it because of all that crap this game is nasty, disrespectful, and is a way to have kids get there feelings hurt I don't like it :/.
I gave this app 2 stars because it needs better graphics, and the people there are just plain rude. Also it makes you pay real money for clothes!!! I like movie star planet better.
My friends said this was a nice fun game but no it is a terrible game parents dont let ur kids play this game let there minds stay young
Sooo many disrespectful and mean people on here. I went on it played for a little bit and stopped. People judge harshly on this game if you aren't VIP....
I'm so tired of seeing these asked reviews on my page. I am giving everything one star because it's annoying showing up on here. GO AWAY!
I love this game when I started I was just wondering what kinda game was this and how do I play it and now I am so in to it that I just want to play it all the time
When I try to go anywhere, it takes like 5 minutes to just open it up... other than that it's great! WARNING: You must be 17 and older to play...
I love this app its awesome and i get on it everyday i love meeting the ppl on here they are so nice!!
This game is really fun, the other reviews don't know what they are talking about. It's a great opportunity to meet new people and talk to them. Read more
This game is not good. Do you like mean, Snotty, bad and low-lifed people, buy this app but if not KEEP READING! Read more
This game is NOT FOR KIDS its for teens this has cusses so dont get it kids only 13 or 14 and up
Good awesome
Oh more free stuff meez owners please