Meez Nation

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Meez Nation
2 out of 5 stars
Meez Nation

Product Information :

I wish I could give it a zero. I got 10 times before and it pops up "You are not eligible for Meez" and I don't know why but I would just save the trouble and not get this.
Bad language and bad rooms and bad talk bad people my cousin was playing this on my I pad so mad for every one
Worst virtual world game. If you like conversations with angry young teens, then you have found the right place. In addition, this game is one that will make you use REAL MONEY to purchase any items for your avatars.
No bueno!!
If you like dirty horrible and disgusting language and behavior, this is the game for you I would give it a zero but I cannot. Good luck with thinking that this is a kid game!
The only thing wrong with this app is that it has a lot of dirty rooms in the place don't get off you are under twelve or thirteen I honestly don't like this game not good for me -rylee Spaulding-
I gave this app 2 stars because it needs better graphics, and the people there are just plain rude. Also it makes you pay real money for clothes!!! I like movie star planet better.
I think this is bad, it's almost impossible to find a username and it said I was not eligible to use meez. I thought it would be fantastic, but I cannot even play it. It's a waste of energy.
This game is a game for people who want to get cussed or people with no life I got the game for 10 minutes and then deleted it because of all that crap this game is nasty, disrespectful, and is a way to have kids get there feelings hurt I don't like it :/.
I love this app u can text friends there are all kinds of rooms u can go to I love this app so much u should get it most fun game of all time
Bad language in the chat rooms
bad for children I wish I can give it 0
the people who made this must be crazy
and dumb :P this should be ban from the world
I hate this game It has cursing in it why did you even make this game because I read the reviews and people hate this so this game Is the is the dumbest idea ever
People should be a VIP for free because some people parents won't let them get it and then they get really mad so they try to ask someone else and that person says no too people... Read more
I like meez alot. If it says u are not eligible it means your too young! I like it cause it teaches u how to make friends. Plz add my meez brittneysocutefr
I like this game but there are a few things they need to fix

*Cheaper clothes
*better Graphics
*they should give u more money when u start the game
*they... Read more
Now this game I love. I have nothing bad to say about it so I give it 4 stars just cuz some of the people on there are weirdos!
Download this it's cool I play it everyday I'm addicted my name on the r dis yolo0120 friend when u get it
Its nice meet other people but people make fun of you for not looking good or being a noob pr something.
Okay,so when I first tried to make an avatar, it only gave me 2500 coins and no cash. 2500 will buy you not even 3 things. Also, most people on here are really rude. Read more