Jabra Active Corded Stereo Earset-Retail Packaging-Black

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Jabra Active Corded Stereo Earset-Retail Packaging-Black
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Jabra Active Corded Stereo Earset-Retail Packaging-Black

Product Information :

DESIGNED FOR SPORT With Jabra ACTIVE, athletes and active users will be able to listen to music and train hard without worrying about adjusting their ear buds. Ergonomically designed for sports, the sweat and water-resistant. Jabra ACTIVE Eargels, that securely and comfortably “lock” into the ear so they won’t fall out. The headset offers superior sound quality, microphone wind-noise reduction and comes with a neat carrying case making it easily portable. A unified control box allows users to conveniently listen to music and answer calls. The head¬set has a 3.5mm gold-plated plug, ideal for the trans¬mission of premium music quality and a perfect companion to your mobilephone or MP3 player. Includes skip track functionality for Apple iPhone.

With the Jabra ACTIVE corded stereo headset, you'll be able to listen to music and train hard without worrying about adjusting your ear buds. It features earphones ergonomically designed to follow the contours of the ear, and the ear buds look great while providing a comfortable fit that stays securely in your ear. The ACTIVE also offers premium stereo sound, noise isolating ear buds, and microphone wind-noise reduction technology.

Jabra ACTIVE Jabra ACTIVESweat and water resistant (see larger image).



These comfortable sound-isolating earbud headphones include a microphone integrated onto the cord that allows you to make and answer calls with your mobile phone, and the microphone also offers controls for answering/ending calls as wells skipping tracks and rewinding. It's also compatible with controlling music playback and calls on the Apple iPhone. The ACTIVE features a 3.5mm gold-plated plug, ideal for the transmission of premium music quality and a perfect companion to your mobile phone or MP3 player.

Key Features

  • Premium stereo sound quality with clear detailed sound reproduction
  • Stereo headset for music and talk
  • Sweat and water resistant
  • Ergonomically designed headphones for each ear
  • Sound isolating ear buds in small, medium and large sizes
  • Microphone wind-noise reduction technology
  • Unified control box on microphone: answer/end calls, skip tracks*

Answer/End Calls and Skip Tracks

Tap the answer/end button on your mic:

  • 1 x to answer/end your call
  • 2 x to skip tracks
  • 3 x to rewind

* Phone dependent; compatible with the Apple iPhone

Ensure Perfect Comfort and Sound Flow with Your Headset

Great sound in a headset depends on quality speakers and a perfect, secure fit. The headphones are ergonomically designed to specifically fit either your left or right ear. For optimal comfort and sound, make sure that you put the headphones in the correct ear.

What's in the Box

ACTIVE headphones, sound isolating ear buds in 3 sizes (s, m, l), cable clip, extra phone adapter, carry case (see a larger image)

So, we ski often (about ten times every winter) - and I have long since looked for the perfect set of headphones to use while skiing. Here are the problems:
- It is as active sport, so you don't want them to fall out of your ear while moving around
- You want them to be compact and small so they fit comfortably under your helmet flaps
- You want external sounds to pass through while you are listening so you can hear warnings and other skiers (i.e. the exact opposite of noise canceling!)
- You want to control the volume without having to dig the MP3 player out of your many layers (this is a constant annoyance as most people like to chat on the lift)
This headset answers the mail perfectly. I used to use a pair of Sony over the ear clip on style headphones, and they worked well for staying on and passing through sound, but they become increasingly uncomfortable as the day wore on.
- Great, comfortable fit (even for 8 hours!)
- Good sound quality
- They don't block out external sounds
- Volume control is on the cord - PERFECT! Now I can turn it up and down without digging in my pockets to get it
- You can skip, pause, and rewind with a small "clicker" on the left ear cord - very convenient
- They won't block out external sounds (this is only a con if you are looking for noise cancelling headphones!)
- You can't work the volume control with gloves on (it is tiny)
Used for:

I have a Samsung Focus Windows Phone 7. I don't like the stock in-ear headphone (uncomfortable). Always looking for a ear bud style.


- Good sound quality, compare to my stock Samsung in-ear, Sony, Plantronics, the sound is loud, clear, enough bass but no distrotion;
- Solid quality;
- Long soft rubber wire; (I hate the farbic wire on Plantronics)
- Multi-function press button: answer/play/pause, forward/back; the button works perfectly with my phone.


None so far.

Other thoughts:

Wow, the ear buds are big. I have relative small ears, the mid size gel piece works, but I can feel the pressure push against inside of ears, but not uncomfortable even after wear it for a hour or so. I opted for the small size gel, much better.

Switching the gel pieces requires some careful work. The manual is very small to read, so I found a copy online and zoomed in for details. The small size gel is specially hard to put it on correctly. I read on earlier reviews, the parts fall off easily. But not so, you just have to be very careful. First it has to be more or less aligned with the marks on the ear bud, then use small force to pull it over the ear bud. (Be careful no to push or squeeze the ear bud too hard, or you might dimp the speakers.) Once it is on, the work doesn't stop there. Use your finger nail push against the edge (near the base) of the gel and make sure there is no fold-in. Hard to explain, but the gel is soft and easily "roll-up", thus give the impression of wrapped around the ear buds, but not exactly secured. Take me a minute or so on each, But if done correctly, it won't come off.

Put the ear buds in also requires some effort. Read the manual.
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I was looking for a cheaper alternative to the Bose headphones for my iPhone since I do a lot of conference calls using my iPhone.

I have a set of Bose without the mic and love the fit and sound quality. But I didn't want to spend as much for another set with a mic.

I chose the Jabra Active set and they are okay.

The sound works great, and the rubber cord is sturdy and doesn't tangle easy.

And I do like that they don't block out all the sound around me. I can still hear what is going on in the office if needed.

But I wish the buds were just a little smaller. They come with 3 different sizes for the rubber tips to adapt to the size of your ear. I don't have small ears but I had to go with the smallest adaptor and they still almost don't fit.

The buds stay in place for conference calls which is why I got them, but if I needed to use them while on the move or for when I go running they wouldn't. I tried it once and they just don't work as nicely as the Bose IE2s.
This is the nicest cellphone headset I have owned. The biggest feature is the unique shape. Unlike most brands they are not round or ellipsoid. Instead they are a much more complex shape that fits with the natural shape of the ear. Definitely takes a little practice to master the skill of inserting them. They don't just hook on like traditional designs, but rather must be inserted at a certain angle then twisted slightly. One they're in, they fit perfectly - very comfortable, and don't fall out at all.

Comes with three sizes of ear gel. I found the medium one installed by default fit my (medium size) ears perfectly.

Sound quality, both talking and listening, is great. Mic (with integrated button) is attached to the left earpiece's cord, separate from the volume control which is attached to the shared cord. When wearing the headset, the mic hangs near my cheek. Friends report they can hear me better than on my previous (HTC & Apple brand) headsets, with less background noise. Manual volume slider is a convenient feature for phones that don't support button-based volume control, and has just about the right level of resistance.

Build quality seems similar to Apple brand headset. I expect with my very heavy use it will probably last ~6mo.

Includes a small rubber case. Normally I don't care for the cases that come with headsets, but this one is simple & compact enough that I find myself using it all the time.

Highly recommended. Would not ever use a round-shaped headset again.

UPDATE: After six months of use, I lost my headset on the train. It was still working perfectly - the little rubber case thing does a great job of keeping it from getting damaged in my pocket. No question, best headset I have owned, I already miss it. Just ordered another one. :)
I'm disappointed in the fit of these earbuds. I tried all three sizes and none of them felt secure in my ears. I wish I had been able to try them on for size before buying. Read more
Bear with me, as I have purchased this item 3 times now. I love these, and I have multiple reasons why... Read more
Headphones automatically lower volume on my phone after about 20mins of use. Tried putting in my klipsch s4 in right after these would start acting up and volume was stable so i... Read more
Very well fit. Sometimes, I even don't feel it's in my ear. Sound quality is not top notch, but above expectation for the price range. Read more
fast shipping, awesome price
So good!!
good sound, I like the classic headphones, modern headphones are uncomfortable, you have to get a tube in my ear, so I chose these, but the only thing that bothers me a bit is that... Read more
Not purchasing these type of ear sets any more. Broke down in 2 weeks and were extremely uncomfortable. I don't recommend this items.
For music these are not the worst I've heard but they are definitely poor. They clip at half volume and have no mid/highs, I made EQ settings just to adjust to the crappy sound. Read more
I wear these under my helmet when motorcycle riding, and snowboarding. The audio quality is excellent when used as a mic, and the sound quality is fantastic when listening to... Read more